Opposed the demise of paid ballot arguments. Joined scoping comments by the Alliance for a Clean Waterfront on the Tennessee Hollow Watershed and opposed the removal of GG Pk Pedestrian Tunnels. Sign on to Peter Drekmeier’s 10 Reasons To Oppose the Iraq War.

Endorsed the 201 Folsom/300 Spear (Rincon Hill) Project and urged the maximum green building design and reducing parking by implementing bicycle parking and food deliveries. Joined the Bay Area Clean Air TF, signed on to ALA letter to Christy Whitman (EPA) opposing weakening the New Source Review requirements and signed on to NPCA letter on TEA21 renewal and signed NPA letter opposing off-leash dogs in the GGNRA.


Interviewed, endorsed and worked to elect Kevin Shelley as Secretary of State, Carol Migden to Board of Equalization, Dan Kelly, Harry Britt and Mark Leno to the Assembly. Dennis Herrera as City Attorney, and Nancy Davis and Gail Dekreon to Superior Ct. Worked to elect 21 candidates to the Democratic Central Committee, 3 to the Republican CC and 12 to the Green Party CC. Worked to pass Instant Runoff Voting, non-citizens on Charter Boards and Commissions, reform of appointments to Planning Com and Board of Appeals and domestic partner benefits.
Opposed an RMC Pacific Materials cement plant at Pier 80.

Joined the successful lawsuit to require SFIA to release decision documents on the runway expansion, under the City’s Sunshine Ordinance. Supported a Car-Free Day in San Francisco. Urged BART to charge for parking.

Supported the Rec & Park proposal for off-leash dog areas in some city parks, and urged that no off-leash dogs be allowed in natural areas.

Endorsed and worked to elect Tom Radulovich, Barry Hermanson, Chris Daly, Sophie Maxwell to Supervisor; and Eileen Hansen and Fiona Ma in the runoff. Endorsed and worked to elect Johnnie Carter, Anita Grier and Lawrence Wong to Community College Board; Danny Guillory, Whitney Leigh and Sarah Lipson to Board of Education; and James Fang to BART Board. Worked to pass Water Bonds, Affordable Housing Bonds, Veterans Building Bonds, Energy, Water & Sewer Rates, Surplus Funds, Elections Assistance, Supervisors Salaries, Real Estate Tax, Conditions for Providing Services and Payments to Homeless Individuals and BART Bond Seismic Retrofit. Opposed the Economic Impact Statement requirement, Revenue Bond Oversight Committee and Condominium Conversion With Certain Conditions.


Monitor and oppose excessive Port development plans, including parking garages.
Support the NPS by opposing off-leash dogs in parks.


Interviewed, endorsed and worked to elect 10 of 11 elected supervisors in the fall election. Mailed and campaigned to pass propositions for branch library bonds, district supervisor aides, city retirement benefits, Saturday closure of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park, pass thru costs to tenants, business tax revision, construction contractors, housing construction limits, tenancies in common, Hunters Point Shipyard cleanup, campaign finance, Pedestrian Safety Fund and Pier 45. Worked to defeat Yaki’s limited closure of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park, mayors housing construction limits and taxi permits.

Sponsors an annual fundraiser to raise money for electoral activities, including direct contributions to candidates and election mailer/doorhanger slatecards. Ongoing recommendations for city commission appointments.

Successfully opposed a PG&E Power Plant Barge.
Opposed replacing the Muni Ferry Terminal with a hotel.

Endorsed successful candidates for Democratic County Central Committee in the spring election. Mailed and campaigned to pass propositions for parks bonds, include open space fund in charter, and sups health and retirement benefits, and to oppose housing vouchers.


Interviewed, endorsed and worked to elect Ammiano for mayor, and Steve Castleman for DA in the fall election. Organized and led the successful campaign to declare it city policy to extend the Caltrain downtown to a rebuilt Transbay Terminal. Mailed and campaigned to pass propositions for Laguna Honda bonds, supervisorial district boundary adjustment, sick leave vacation credit transfers, Muni reform, ATM second fee ban, Octavia Boulevard, campaign expenditure limits. We opposed Central Freeway retrofit.

Endorsed the green building ordinance for city-owned buildings and three green building pilot projects. Supported, with modifications, the Presidio Partners proposal for the Letterman complex.


Interviewed, endorsed and worked to elect Supervisors, Community College Board, and Board of Education members in the fall election. Mailed and campaigned to pass propositions for the Octavia Blvd alternative for the Central Freeway, tax on stadium and ballpark tickets, extension of the hotel tax and rail on the Bay Bridge.

Supported and helped organize Environmental Organizing Committee.

Endorsed candidates for Democratic County Central Committee and Muni/Superior Court in the spring election. Mailed and campaigned to pass propositions to increase supervisors salaries, and opposed deYoung Museum bonds, rent control repeal, City Hall reuse, elimination of Supervisors aids, water rate freeze, city project notification, Concourse Authority and parking garage construction, Treasure Island authority and Presidio (Wherry) housing.

Opposed the conveyance of Candlestick State Park land to the City for stadium/mall parking.
Opposed the addition of an antennae to Sutro Tower.
Urged the mayor to use the budget surplus funds rather than Open Space funds to rehab the King Pool.
Supported a direct (peoplemover) CalTrain connection to SFIA.
Helped organize the Transit-First Market Street Alliance to get cars off Market.


Supported propositions for water bonds, honest elections and replacement of the Central Freeway with a surface roadway in the election.

Urge Muni to add compressed natural gas buses rather than diesels.
Bringing the Central Freeway down south of Market.
Urge CalTrain extension downtown.
Urge Parking and Traffic Commission not to build a North Beach parking garage.
Urge the Parking and Traffic Commission to use meter and fine revenues to improve Muni service.
Urge ped/bike lanes on the replacement Bay Bridge and rebuilding Transbay Terminal with CalTrain, and congestion pricing with revenues used for transit.
Urge thes deYoung board not to relocate the museum to the Transbay Terminal.
Fund a poll on CalTrain, Central Freeway, Muni, and Golden Gate Park traffic.
Urge including enviros on the Treasure Island Development Authority.
Oppose a BART extension to Milbrae with a 3000-car parking garage, and support a multi-modal CalTrain/BART/peoplemover station on the Caltrain line opposite the entrance to SFO or to the north.

Supported ballot propositions for school bond, Cultural Facilities, zoo capital projects bond, and oppose the 49ers Stadium in the June election.

Supported the Butterfly Discovery Park.
Opposed any new parking garage in Golden Gate Park.
Opposed cutting into the South Reservoir at City College for additional parking.
Supported restriping Howard Street for bike lanes.


Endorsed and campaigned for Tom Radulovich for BART Board, for supervisors, City College Board and School Board in the fall election. We endorsed propositions for affordable housing bonds, district elections and preference voting and opposed deYoung bonds and cab licenses. We endorsed minimum wage and upper tax bracket propositions and opposed Jarvis-Gann 2 on the state ballot.

Endorsed candidates for Democratic County Central Committee in the spring election.


Endorsed and campaigned for Achtenberg for mayor and Hallinan for DA. We endorsed bonds for cleanup toxic underground storage tank and Steinhart Aquarium and propositions for city contractors prevailing wages, charger reform, cab regulation and Hallinan’s campaign finance reform. We opposed propositions for parking meter rate and fine rollback and Jordan’s campaign finance reform.

Supported conversion of the block of Duboce behind the Safeway to a pedestrian/bicycle street.
Endorsed a one-year moratorium on power plant construction in the Hunters Point area.
Endorsed candidates for appointment to the Open Space Committee.
Supported the Citizen’s Advisory Task Force Alternative #8 for the central freeway project.
Urged the Public Transportation Commission to study Muni’s 4 Geary Corridor Light Rail alternatives (signal light preemption for buses; light rail or electric trolley buses in tunnel downtown and surface median elsewhere; and light rail on surface) for Major Investment Study.


Endorsed and campaigned for candidates for supervisor, and City College, School and BART Board in the fall election, and library and school bonds, downtown assessment district to fund Muni improvements, rent control, recycling and compost reform, and opposed hotels on the waterfront.
Endorsed candidates for Democratic County Central Committee in the spring election.
Opposed BART to SFIA.


Endorsed and campaigned for candidates for city attorney, and Muni charter amendment, ethics commission, and opposed recycling giveaway in the fall election.
Opposed he zoo seeking pandas, McDonalds drive-thru on Haight, removing meter-persons from Parking and Traffic, and rebuilding al. the ramps of the quake-damaged Terminal Separator Structure.
Supported district elections and legalizing in-law units.


Endorsed and campaigned for candidates for supervisor and BART Board, and for housing and rent stabilization, and opposed weakening the planning process (K) and increasing housing prices (L) in the fall election.
Endorsed candidates for Democratic County Central Committee, and Golden Gate Parks bonds in the spring election.
We opposed billboard trucks.


Endorsed Art Agnos for mayor, vacancy rent controls, senior housing on Phelan Ave. and a policy statement on the federal budget, and opposed allowing more condo conversions in the fall election.
Co-sponsored a mayoral debate.
Opposed new Transamerica Building into adjacent Redwood Minipark.


Endorsed and campaigned for candidates for supervisor and BART Board and prohibiting waterfront hotels and the Mission Bay plan (with wetlands) in the fall election.
Endorsed earthquake repair bonds, seven-member commissions, commission and board gender goals and residency requirements, and opposed term limits for supervisors in the spring election.
Supported removal of the Embarcadero Freeway.


Endorsed and campaigned for earthquake repair bonds, sales tax for transit and streets, increasing supervisors’ salaries, and China Basin ballpark, and opposed repealing campaign contribution limits, rentor tax and easing condo conversion limits in the fall election.
Supported converting the Presidio into a national park.


Endorsed and campaigned for candidates for supervisor and BART Board, and libraries, joining parking and traffic, open space program extension, environmental protection and the Muni settlement, and opposed recall of Agnos, subsidizing Navy dredging for the Missouri, and removing parking fine revenues from general fund in the fall election.
Endorsed for Democratic and Republican County Central Committees, school bonds, local override of the Gann spending and tax limits, asbestos removal, and opposed open-ended invitation for Olympic games in the spring election.


Endorsed Art Agnos for mayor.
Endorsed Harry Britt to succeed Sala Burton in congress in a special election, and Nancy Pelosi in the run-off election.
Supported replacing Pier 7 with a recreational pier.




Endorsed and campaigned for SF Planning Initiative, recreational areas and smoke-free offices, and opposed ending multi-lingual ballots in the fall election.
Endorsed for Democratic and Republican County Central Committees and presidential candidate nominees, and keeping sunshine in parks, and opposed (props E, F and I – help here) in the spring election.


Endorsed and campaigned for Sala Burton for congress and the SF Planning Initiative in the fall election.
Supported upgrading and extending Caltrain downtown, and a smoke-free offices ordinance.


Endorsed and campaigned for Burton, Boxer, candidates for supervisor, and to municipalize PG&E, and opposed a hotel near UCSF in the fall election.
Endorsed and campaigned for Burton, Boxer, Democratic County Central Committee, and state propositions for a nuclear freeze, split tax roles, bottle bill and against the Peripheral Canal.



Endorsed and campaigned for candidates for congress, and state senate and assembly and district elections in the fall election.
Endorsed and campaigned for state propositions for parklands, alternative energy bonds and oil profits taxes, and opposed Jarvis II (halving the income tax) in the spring election.
Organized the SFLEV in January.