Board of Supervisor Questionnaire

Please email completed questionnaires to these 2 email addresses.
endorsements AT sflcv DOT org



  1. What are the top 3 environmental issues facing San Francisco?
  2. If you had to pick one Supervisor who served in the last 8 years, which one do you think has done the most to advance forward-thinking environmental legislation and why?
  3. How do you think we should balance recreational uses with protecting San Francisco’s natural areas and green spaces?
  4. What qualifications do you consider important in Planning Commission appointees? Rec & Park Commission? MTA Board?
  5. What measures would you take to encourage San Franciscans to get out of their cars?
  6. How do you suggest we address environmental justice issues in San Francisco?
  7. What, if anything, would you do to change the way the City manages its water supply, wastewater, and storm water runoff?
  8. What steps would you propose to help the City meet its Greenhouse Gas Emission reduction goals?
  9. Given that increasing energy efficiency is the most effective way to reduce power demand, what should the City do to encourage conservation by residents, businesses, and the City itself?
  10. As a Supervisor, what would you do to increase revenue to improve and increase MUNI service from current levels?
  11. Why should SFLCV endorse you?
  12. What was your position on the following historic ballot propositions? Supported or Opposed:
  • Nov. 2011
    Prop E – Amending or Repealing Legislative Initiative Ordinances and Declarations of Policy
  • Nov. 2010
    Prop AA – San Francisco $10 Vehicle Registration Fee
    Prop E – Election Day Voter Registration
  • June 2010
    State Prop 16 – Require 2/3 Vote for Community Choice Electricity Aggregators
  • Nov. 2009
    Prop E – Prevents further advertisement on city furniture or buildings