October 2009

No on Prop D! Pissed Off Voter Guide Release Party!!

Join SFLCV and others at the League of Young Voters’ Pissed Off Voter Guide release party. SFLCV is co-sponsoring the event so come on down. The event is Friday night at Gestalt Haus on 16th street in the Mission (3159 16th Street), just a couple blocks from the 16th street BART station.

October 23rd at 7-10pm

Why does SFLCV oppose Prop D?

In short its two things: we don’t think ads and signs make a neighborhood a better place, and it’s bad government. Complex planning code does not belong in the ballot box.

Nov 2009 Endorsements

Yes on A – Budget Reform – This makes the budget biennial. This is a good government issue for us, trying to make the budget process better.
Yes on B – Board of Supervisor Aides – This allows supervisors to hire more than two aides. This is another good government issue for us.
No on D – Mid Market Special Sign District – While a goal of a vibrant mid market district is a fine one. We are uncertain that more signs and billboards will make it that way.
Yes on E – Advertisements on City Property – This prevents there from being a further expansion of the use of city furniture and buildings to be sold as ad space.

Though they are running unopposed, we also support candidates:
Jose M. Cisneros for Treasurer
and Dennis Herrera for City Attorney.