March 2008

Endorsements: June 3rd, 2008

Ballot Measures

Yes on E – Requiring Board of Supervisors’ Approval of Mayor’s Appointments to the PUC
Yes on F – Affordable Housing in Candlestick/Hunters Point development.
No on G – Mixed-Use Development Project for Candlestick Point And Hunters Point Shipyard

We are not endorsing on A, B, C, D or H.


Green Party County Council

Razzu Engen

Democratic Party County Central Committee

12 A.D.

  • Michael Bornstein
  • Doug Chan
  • Emily Drennen
  • Eric Mar
  • Jake McGoldrick
  • Trevor McNeil
  • Jane Morrison
  • Melanie Nutter
  • Connie O’Connor
  • Matt Tuchow

13 A.D.

  • Bill Barnes
  • David Campos
  • David Chiu
  • Chris Daly
  • Michael Goldstein
  • Robert Haaland
  • Joe Julian
  • Leslie Katz
  • Rafael Mandelman
  • Aaron Peskin
  • Holli Thier
  • Debra Walker

Republican Party County Central Committee

We did not endorse any republicans for the county central committee. But we would like to thank Gene Dermody for submitting a questionnaire.


If you have any questions about our endorsements, please email adrian at

Central Committee Endorsements

We have started our endorsement process for central committee: Greens, Democrats and Republicans should have gotten a questionnaire by email. But if you are looking, you can also find it here.

San Francisco Going Dark

March 29th, 8pm to 9pm, the lights will be going out. Join thousands of your Bay Area friends, neighbors and businesses and millions of people around the world to make a bold statement about climate change. Find out more.